Episode 7 - Maui Overview

On the island of Maui, Chef Mike Lofaro and Student of the Culture Kainoa Horcajo gather wana and apple snails, one a delicacy, the other a pest.  On the south shore they meet up with Kelson Kihe, who learned from his grandfather how to build a basket that makes it a cinch to take the sharp and hazardous wana needles off. Once you get past those needles, there’s a piece of heaven inside that most know as uni.  On the other side of the island, they explore the gorgeous shores of Keanae, which is home to generations-old lo’i.  There they pick kalo and find an infestation of a pest, the apple snail.  But one person’s pest is a chef’s ingredient.  And what Chef Mike makes has “pest” the last thing on your mind.