Episode 6 - Hawaii Overview

Chef Mike Lofaro and student of the culture Kainoa Horcajo travel to the island of Hawai'i Island and go straight to the source, in more ways than one.  First, to meet up with expert on the Hawaiian Moon Calendar, Kalei Nu’uhiwa who makes sense of their surroundings, from the land to its fruits, to the fruits of the sea to the astronomical connections.  At their fingertips is the ‘ohelo berry.  Then they travel far north to Napo’opo’o in Waipi’o Valley at the foot of Hi’ilawe Falls.  There they find Kulia Potter, caretaker of the lo’i where she grew up.  They gather kalo and the leaves for lu’au.  Finally Mike and Kainoa take a stab at spearfishing in less-than-ideal conditions then Mike heads into the kitchen.  Kalo Dynamite anyone?