On Maui, Chef Mike Lofaro and student of the culture Kainoa Horcajo head up to gorgeous Paniolo country!  A long-time Maui cowboy literally shows them the ropes and the cows that they try to roundup and, well, rope. They also discover an old-time paniolo snack that was enjoyed while the cowboys rode the range — the forbidding panini or prickly pear cactus (forbidding because of the the prickly part).  But their guide shows them the tricks of getting at the treat and the fruit of their labor is well worth the risk. They also snag an epic spot for their dinner, sans electricity.  To complete their meal, the guys take advantage of the last of the mangoes for the season.  Thankfully there’s such a thing as “late-season” fruit and their guide is from an iconic Maui family synonymous with mango.  It all comes together over a grill and a campfire, paniolo-style.