Episode 5 - Lana'i Overview

Chef Mike Lofaro and student of the culture Kainoa Horcajo travel to Lana'i, where they start their adventure with Kainoa indulging in a childhood whimsy and gets Mike to jump into the hair-raising feat too. Then they're ready to meet up with cultural historian Kepa Maly.  The windward views and valleys of Lana'i are breathtaking and efforts to restore and preserve the areas as much so. They walk the grounds of one area, where after clearing it, ti leaf plants laying dormant for more than a century are growing again and Maly allows Chef Mike to peel off some leaves for dinner.  Their guide in the ocean is Gary Onuma, a man whose family goes back generations on Lana'i and who's been fishing its waters for nearly 60 years. They go spearfishing and get pushed around in their search for 'opihi. That night, a delicious and unique poke and a traditional Lawalu with Chef Mike's twist of flavors, are on the menu.