Episode 11 - Oahu overview

On O’ahu Chef Mike Lofaro and student of the culture Kainoa Horcajo take up a bow and arrow, a rod and reel and in this summer season they don’t have to search far for the makings of a new form of flour. Fly fishing is a growing sport in Hawai’i and while ‘o’io or bonefish stocks are woefully low in the flats around O’ahu, they can be found in a fishpond where you can snag a couple, guilt-free, for a dinner.  On the leeward coast they’re in search of Wai’anae Gold, which begins with a scan of the ground for kiawe beans that will, through Chef Mike’s magic, transform into pasta on the dinner table. Mike and Kainoa had just enough time to try their hand at pig hunting with a bow and arrow, too. Find out what has them pointing fingers at each other.