EPISODE 1 - Oahu Overview

SEARCH Hawai`i visits Oahu. Chef Mike Lofaro and student of the culture Kainoa Horcajo are challenged by foraging on Hawai'i's most populated island in a season of whipping winds and pounding surf.  So they stick close to the shoreline and pick a childhood favorite of Kainoa's, pipipi - they're abundant but largely overlooked.  Then they forage into the canopy of the Ko'olau with scientist and cultural expert Sam 'Ohu Gon.  And instead of looking up for what's growing on the trees, they're looking down for what's knocked off by the wind.  While in the mountain they head into a stream for crayfish - not as easy to catch as one would expect.  Equally challenging is how to create a five-star meal from these ingredients, along with a unique take on an all time favorite dessert, a banana split, as a birthday gift for a special guest.